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The Strangeness of Living in Tacoma, Part 6,578,445

<![CDATA[Okay, technically, Spanaway, where this dogfucker lives, is not Tacoma. It's just a suburb next the suburb I live in…. – News – Man Accused Of Engaging In Sex Act With Family Dog:

Investigators said 26-year-old, Michael Patrick McPhail may be the first person to face prosecution in Washington State under a new law protecting animals from sexual abuse.

According to charging documents, McPhail’s wife told Pierce County sheriff’s investigators she saw him engage in a sex act with the family pet.

Get this, the proof is that his wife took pictures with her cell phone. Man, that’s going to be a busy MySpace page.
Also, check out the news photo on the KIRO page. The guy’s wearing a bullet-proof vest, as though ASPCA or PETA activists were threatening to kill him.
Ah, home, it makes me so proud.
At least I don’t live in the Metronatural city to the north.

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2 replies on “The Strangeness of Living in Tacoma, Part 6,578,445”

Hey, hey, hey, you may not have enough anger to shoot a dog-sticker, but there are plenty of people who would. The police made the vest decision, not this demented dude.
I’ve never understood the vest issue. Sure, the human head is a smaller target, but also more vulnerable. Where’s my bulletproof helmet?!

Glenn, yes the police are silly. My point, too. The doggyman is used, in this case, to make a show of the community’s rage: Look, he’s so bad we need to put him in the bullet-proof vest. Beware, beastialists.
And who couldn’t hit a target like a head sticking out of a big silly vest? It’s a sign that says “shoot the exposed part.”