Next up: Republicans will blame the troops for dying

After the barrage of silly “Democrats want to surrender to the terrorists” accusations by Republicans, next we’re likely to hear that the troops are traitors because they are dying before the election.

Two more Americans die in Iraq as toll climbs – Yahoo! News:

The U.S. military announced the deaths of two more soldiers in Iraq on Tuesday, taking October’s death toll to an unusually high 103 just a week before U.S. congressional elections.

If Michael J. Fox’s Parkinson’s Disease is a political ploy (that he was diagnosed with a decade ago, but was only sprung on the public this election cycle—diabolical Democrats!), these troops are next in line for the blame.

When a political party associates its successes with the moral and patriotic character of the nation, it is time to replace that party or give up your liberty.

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Author: Mitch Ratcliffe

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