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John Edwards has a reality campaign

<![CDATA[Call it Reality Campaigning—very different from reality TV, because this is about transparency–Senator John Edwards has a campaign vlog.
Daily Kos :: Comments Plane Truths: (Following) John Edwards Webisode One: The thread on this show has turned to my “question” to Senator Edwards at Gnomedex…..

This is an excellent exchange and not really a question.

That is the summary of my life, exchange and not really a question. Very flattering to be pointed to in this way, incredibly good to see Senator Edwards going for transparency in his campaign in such a fundamental way.

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2 replies on “John Edwards has a reality campaign”

Mitch, whoever thought any politician would at least consider your idea seriously? I don’t know if Edwards will have a CJ with him at all times, but it’s a good start. I do know he allows more blogger access than most pols do. I’m proof of it as I got to meet with him a few days before that fateful session at Gnomedex, and he wore at Gnomedex the poverty band I gave him.
Your link also goes to Webisode 2: the Golden Rule, which was released last night.

I remember Edwards speaking at Gnomedex. i have always been surprised that he hasn’t been more popular. I have consistently found him smart, sincere, a very good listener, aware … and I believe his populism is also very real.
I also find it surprising, and puerile, that the mainstream media keep trying to castigate him for his populism because he is relatively rich. He made the money by being a good trial lawyer against large and manipulative corporations .. one could argue that it was good practice for survivng in the nasty world of politics.
What I truly wonder is whether the bulk of Americans can handle “real” and sincere combined with a modicum of truth, as opposed to comforting and / or inflammatory I’m-John-Wayne’s-alter-ego rhetoric.
At the rate the US is going, someone truly miraculous is gonna have to come along to stop lying and comforting and start really leading if it (the US) ever hopes to pull out of this death spiral of substantive and growing inequality domestically and a massively tarnished reputation combined with distrust of arrogance everywhere else.
I wish I weern’t secretly scared for the future now, as I don’t see any deep reckoning on the horizon for the American culture, just more rage, vengeance, bullying, superiority and violence. They just aren’t making any friends, no way no how.