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Bird flu is coming, probably in 2007

<![CDATA[BBC NEWS | Health | Flu ‘could wipe out 62 million’:

A global flu pandemic could kill 62 million people, experts have warned.

The 1918 pandemic claimed 50 million lives, and experts in The Lancet predict the toll today would be higher than this, despite medical advances

Folks, I just spent three-and-a-half days in the dark. We never expect what is coming next when nature is concerned. For several years, I’ve been writing about the emergence of the Avian Flu, (H5N1), something that has been clearly seen and repeatedly discounted. The thing to keep in mind about the report that up to 62 million could die is that this will likely be in poor countries.
The United States must mobilize to save these nations from the ravages of the flu in order to rebuild its international reputation and out of human decency itself.

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This is creepy. I woke up on Dec 22 with the phrase ” europe 417 ” in my head. Google it. First entry is “”
I actually started a blog called europe417 but deleted it.