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A war of anatomies

<![CDATA[Bush and Cheney Rebuff Critics of Iraq Troop Increase – New York Times:

But while the president was taking a partially conciliatory stance, Mr. Cheney’s comments on “Fox News Sunday” were muscular and unyielding and appeared to signal an end to any notion that a new bipartisanship on Iraq, as urged by both sides after the November elections, could long survive.

Indeed, the vice president suggested that if the White House followed Democrats’ advice and American . troops began to leave Iraq too quickly, then “we’d simply go back and revalidate the strategy that Osama bin Laden has been following from Day 1 that if you kill enough Americans, you can force them to quit; they don’t have the stomach to fight.”

Clearly, we’re headed toward questions of which party has the right anatomy to solve America’s vast foreign policy problems. The Vice President is setting the stage for a challenge to the Democratic leaderships’ female character. Soon, he’ll be on the Senate floor saying “You don’t have the balls for this,” just as he once said “fuck you” to a male Democratic Senator.
Problem is, the anatomical issue is the American blood being spilled for no sound reason.
The Bush team is pursuing its usual divide-the-messaging-to-conquer approach, which makes it impossible to argue reasonably about the real issue. The war was misconceived to begin with, has no rational purpose for American foreign policy (because it has been justified with to many lies, even if we did break Iraq and now have to pay for it), and is not about the American stomach for battle.
The Bush Administration’s utter failure to lead and bring all Americans into the conflict by repealing tax breaks and fully funding care of military families and the casualties of this war is far more relevant than the anatomical qualifications of leaders. The Bush Administration may think it is the most manly bunch on Earth, but it is plainly a bunch without any brains whatsoever.

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