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Telling our kids they are the problem: Cops in the schools

<![CDATA[Cops’ new beat might be city schools | | Tacoma, WA:

At first glance, Pierce County Sheriff’s Deputy Ken Board strikes an imposing figure at Bethel High School, with his deep-navy police uniform, a Taser strapped to his left thigh, and a .40-caliber Glock riding his right hip.

I’ll pull my kids out of a school that cannot prevent troublemakers from using the campus as a hangout and headquarters for their criminal activities, choosing to put police in the halls rather than removing troublemakers to a setting where they cannot do harm to other students. Our kids don’t need to be shown they are to be docile by the presence of deadly force.
This all came from the recent school shooting in Tacoma, which the Superintendent of Schools called “our 9/11,” the most irresponsible use of that analogy I’ve heard in a long while. How about spending some money on creating alternative schools where people prone to pulling a gun can be given the treatment they need rather than treat all students as potential killers?
We are losing our minds with fear.

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