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What's that widget?

<![CDATA[You might have noticed the new widget in the right sidebar. It's a new kind of game from Jambaz, a Luxembourg-based developer I’m helping out with early testing. The idea is simple: Take the wisdom of crowds and turn it into a game.
You see, crowds are not amorphous and homogeneous things, but collections of ideas and leaders. Breaking crowds down into groups that are more familiar with particular topics will yield better insight into business, political and social performance. I think this kind of prediction market competition, which is essentially what any market is, will be useful across a variety of dimensions of analysis.
In this case, you can compete with me by logging in and adding your own daily sentiment about the companies listed. At the end of the “game,” in two weeks, the results will be published and whomever is best at anticipating the performance of the stocks will be recognized.
This kind of mechanism, though simple, can be applied to long-term assessment of the prospects and performance of a company, its products and so forth, not to mention political candidates, policies and their effect on a target population.
I’m looking forward to seeing where Jambaz takes this.

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