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<![CDATA[It isn't hard to be honest in politics. It only appears to be hard to be honest and successful in politics. Just don’t lie (or manufacture false positions) about what you believe. Admit when you learn, because it shows you didn’t know enough before and can change. Explain changes of mind. Don’t lie, be human.
It’s that easy.
For instance, when evangelicals stop damning others for the sins of their most devout leaders, I will not think the Praisins posting is comic, but just an unfunny stereotype. But, with so many Sen. Larry Craigs and Ted Haggards, who spend their days condemning what they do on nights and weekend, or whenever they stop at the Minneapolis airport, Praisins is a cutting satire. So, speaketh me until proven wrong.
Finding an upright puritan is an act of faith, akin to proving the existence of God. You can only believe until they start throwing dirt on the body.]]>