Limbaugh is the real betray-us

<![CDATA[John Edwards for President-Edwards Decries Offensive Limbaugh Comments :

“Rush Limbaugh should be ashamed of himself for calling brave members of our military ‘phony soldiers.’ There’s nothing phony about the sacrifices being made by any of our troops in Iraq. Two soldiers who bravely told the truth about flawed U.S. policy in an August New York Times op-ed died a very real death in Iraq three weeks ago. Limbaugh should apologize to these soldiers’ families and to all the brave men and women in our armed forces fighting for the very freedoms he enjoys as an American every day. All Republicans and Democrats should join with me in condemning his disgusting words.”

Where are the cries against this cowardly broadcaster? MoveOn is condemned by the Senate for an ad criticizing the current leader of U.S. armed forces in Irag, but Limbaugh gets away with this?
The same Senators who introduced that condemnation should be considered hypocrites for their silence on this issue. If they aren’t prepared to defend our men on the ground when they lionize the general in charge, they aren’t fit for leadership. That goes for both the Republican and Democratic versions of the MoveOn bill.

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