Huzzah, Socialtext!

<![CDATA[Socialtext Raises $9.5 Million, Announces New CEO :

Socialtext, a provider of wiki software, has announced a $9.5 million Series C round as well as the appointment of a new CEO. Eugene Lee, co-founder of, will be replacing Ross Mayfield in the CEO slot, while Mayfield will move to Chairman and President.

Congratulations all round to the good folks at Socialtext, where I have served as an advisory board member since way, way back, before wikis were cool. Ross has done a great job as founder and CEO, it is great to see Eugene Lee coming in to lead the next phase of business growth. It is a small world, as I remember covering Eugene’s products at Beyond Inc. back in my MacWEEK days.

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Small world indeed Mitch. Thanks for the kind remarks and wishes. You’re right – Ross has done a grea tjob as founder and CEO, and I’m honored to take the baton and work with him to take Socialtext to the next level. Cheers.

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