I will miss Marc

Rest in Peace Marc Orchant

It was only a few weeks ago that Marc Orchant and I were exchanging mail about his new gig with the David Allen Company, and planning to meet this past week at one of Buzz Bruggeman’s amazing dinners.

It’s an incredible tragedy, one no one could have expected of such a warm and engaged person, that today would be Marc’s last. Marc Orchant died this afternoon surrounded by family in a hospital room one week after suffering a heart attack.

I spent a tremendously enjoyable evening with Marc and his wife, Sue, at DEMO a couple years back. In an industry packed with interesting people, he was one of the friendliest, most enquiring people I’d met. He probed for knowledge with real passion, talking about how we use technology and what ways it can be improved with genuine humanity. We became friends that evening and traded mail, talked at conferences and I followed his writings because they always conveyed the warmth of the person behind the screen.

Ironically, it was my health that was in question as we tried to coordinate a meeting in Seattle. We were going to circle back and set a time before the trip, which he had to cancel for other reasons. His last note: “K – hope it goes well. Let’s try next week.”

I know it will go well with you, Marc.

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