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I hope it will not be a nuclear new year

<![CDATA[Pakistan's Benazir Bhutto was an imperfect person by many counts, but her assassination makes clear the deeply flawed relationship with Pakistan. While President Bush has condemned the killing of Ms. Bhutto, the U.S. ally's leader, Pervez Musharraf, clearly played a part in the assassination by, at least, preventing security from protecting her. The aide delivered to the country have only been used to reinforce a dictatorship hiding behind a democratic label, and now we have to wonder if Pak nuclear weapons won't be used as part of the conflict sometime in the coming year.
This is the seal of utter failure on the war on terror. Let's hope it doesn't break the seal on a new nuclear crisis.

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1 reply on “I hope it will not be a nuclear new year”

Hi, Mitch. First of all, season’s greetings.
Second, I was reminded (quickly) of why i stopped coming over here .. for some reason your blog / site loads incredibly slowly.
Third, I think I am surprised you continue to use the term “war on terror”. There’s a war going on for sure, but i think by now at least it as much a war on rational thinking, good sense, truth, integrity and accountability as much as on “terror”.
What was billed as a “war on terror” is causing more terror and mayhem that it has prevented, by far. Depends upon who’s on the receiving end, it seems.

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