Media Comment & Crimes

Ladies and gentlemen, here are the first-nighters!

<![CDATA[Most bloggers are part of a mad crowd of Mr. First-Nighters, imagining they are breaking news when they are really spouting trivia, making significant their participation in events to satisfy the need for vicarious thrills. Their own vicarious thrill of imagining that they’ve “broken a big story.”
Sure, people will say I am knocking the medium. But I am using the medium right now to publish, so get over the sense of indignation. Blogging is a channel of communication, not a style. The blogging style that dominates is that of the man slipping into the center aisle and whispering to the audience, “The house lights have dimmed and the curtain is about to go up on tonight’s production.” Ooh, personal experience you can’t get anywhere else! Crap.

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