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Introducing a spinal medicine community

<![CDATA[I've started a new blog about spine medicine and research, since I'e had a crash course in this area over the last year. Please check out SpineScienceBlog.
Patient empowerment is a growing trend in medicine. As technology and medical therapies evolve rapidly, information about the options available to patients becomes increasingly important and essential to successful treatment. In my case, I’ve been through a crash-course in spinal science and medical options after suffering from degenerative disc disease. The result, my participation in the feasibility study of the Spinal Kinetics M6 Artificial Disc, has changed my life, relieving severe pain and returning feeling in my left arm.
I told the story on my ZD Net blog in How this blog saved my life and $100,000. Everyone should have the information they need to contribute to decisions about their medical care. Just as the options in consumer technology have exploded, bringing a flood of information and analysis that consumers can use to help decide what and when to buy, medical knowledge and options are becoming more accessible to everyone. What we need is good interpretation of the science and technologies involved. Unlike the PC-and-Internet revolution, which was covered by magazines and expensive newsletters, this transformation in the medical market can be covered by everyone involved, from the doctors doing breakthrough research to the patients who are exploring the frontiers of care. This is the site for all of them, and you.

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