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This makes me sick…

<![CDATA[In the comments at, about the Palin interview, the following

“from all the anti Palin post, I gather that the Liberal Extremist (Democrats) are still full of hate and anti American attitudes. If you don’t love American and all this country provides you(security, freedom etc.) leave, go away. There are countries out there that are full of hate and never protect their freedom and security, that would love to have you.
moralityusa 9:27 PM”

It is sickening. That is ugly, unamerican and misrepresents the majority of Americans and Republicans. But it is increasingly the message being sent by the far right. We’ve moved from talk of liberal extremists to lumping all Democrats into a category that should leave the country. When I refer to members of the far right, I mean people who want to legislate the way we live, not someone who should leave the country. With this kind of rhetoric, they should not be honored with elective office. And we should mark that this is the language of the Palin proponents, who are resorting to rabid attack on any honest effort to ask her a question.
Voters have every right to ask Gov. Palin any question as they judge her ability to make decisions that will impact every American. Anyone who thinks the McCain campaign’s strategy of insulating her from the press is correct is missing the point of democracy: Elections are a test. When you win, you don’t get to take over and run the country, you get to lead the government. If this kind of hateful response from moralityusa is what can be expected in response to our questions about Sarah Palin, the election is a fight for the American future.
Doors to avenues of thought and freedom of opportunity are closing all around us. We have to kick them open by voting against this kind of closed-minded hatred of other Americans and everything that makes this country great.]]>