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My Twitterscript of the debate tonight

<![CDATA[Mitch I'm getting back to work on a project now…. debate over, Obama took this one.via Twitter – 7:37pm – Comment Mitch "Our country's business" is so much more than war, but that is all I hear McCain talk about when he talks about America: fighting.via Twitter – 7:34pm – Comment Mitch Terry Scherry nodded […]

<![CDATA[Mitch I'm getting back to work on a project now…. debate over, Obama took this one.via Twitter – 7:37pm – Comment
Mitch "Our country's business" is so much more than war, but that is all I hear McCain talk about when he talks about America: fighting.via Twitter – 7:34pm – Comment
Mitch Terry Scherry nodded to Obama at the end of Obama's answer, suggesting he won that one with the questionner.via Twitter – 7:30pm – Comment
Mitch Obama's "all the tools/scalpel" vs. McCain's I'll-take-hammer-to-it generalties is the story of this debate.via Twitter – 7:29pm – Comment

Mitch The “without preconditions” bit hurt McCain immediately. Old, debased argument, voters said, move on.via Twitter – 7:27pm – Comment
Mitch McCain on the yes/no Russia question was very good, if he sounded that reasonable even half the time he’d be better off.via Twitter – 7:25pm – Comment
Mitch Obama missed the chance: McCain on the foreign aide for countries that don’t like us line — McCain is also counting allies we’ve alienated.via Twitter – 7:23pm – Comment
Mitch It’s hard to imagine blaming someone for being wrong about a surge to fix a screw-up. The surge benefits temporary, so don’t count chickens.via Twitter – 7:20pm – Comment
Mitch McCain should take a page from Teddy Roosevelt’s book and emphasize regulation on behalf of ordinary Americans.via Twitter – 7:19pm – Comment
Mitch McCain telegraphs his punches all the time — this is also a guy who loves warfare as a measure of moral value.via Twitter – 7:16pm – Comment
Mitch Obama just blasted McCain out of the water, McCain made it worse by trying to make a joke.via Twitter – 7:14pm – Comment
Mitch McCain’s point on “announcing a strike” is idiotic. “We will kill bin Laden” was a straight answe by Obama. How many heroes does McCain have.via Twitter – 7:13pm – Comment
Mitch Obama handles the Pakistan question pretty well with “it began and will end there” line. McCain is going to go right after any strikes.via Twitter – 7:12pm – Comment
Mitch Pakistan = Cambodia. The simile is a mangled one.via Twitter – 7:09pm – Comment
Mitch Gosh, Senator McCain, we wouldn’t have been “defeated” if we’d just stayed out of the unnecessary war in the first place.via Twitter – 7:07pm – Comment
Mitch Obama doesn’t declare a doctrine, and shouldn’t. The importance of allies trumps the “America is just great”.via Twitter – 7:06pm – Comment
Mitch McCain laced his answer about defense with jingoism, Obama explains cogently that Iraq was an optional war we didn’t need to fight.via Twitter – 7:03pm – Comment
Mitch McCain throws zingers like a 50s lounge act…. reminds people he’s old, not funny.via Twitter – 7:00pm – Comment
Mitch Obama’s still talking in full sentences, it may bore some folks, but it is working with the women watching on CNN, men almost as much.via Twitter – 6:59pm – Comment
Mitch Good for Obama to say healthcare is a right in a country as wealthy as this one. That’s not socialism, it’s shared benefits of affluence.via Twitter – 6:57pm – Comment
Mitch McCain’s healthcare answer just turned into a bad acid trip, which would not be covered under his plan, nor hair implants. Just waved $5K.via Twitter – 6:55pm – Comment
Mitch My medical bills were $38,000 this year, and I got my neck surgery for free. $5000 bonuses wouldn’t fix the problem.via Twitter – 6:52pm – Comment
Mitch Ooh, I like the healthcare as commodity question. +1 for that questionner.via Twitter – 6:51pm – Comment
Mitch Obama’s subdued but on big time. He’s answering with complete thoughts.via Twitter – 6:48pm – Comment
Mitch Obama’s “energy economy” answer works — and he’s talking investment, sounding like the best of his Democratic forebears.via Twitter – 6:46pm – Comment
Mitch McCain asked about the future, tell stories about him and Joe Leiberman. Nuclear is an answer, but he doesn’t explain what he’d do.via Twitter – 6:45pm – Comment
Mitch McCain’s “I’ve done” doesn’t work. He should drop it. His commissions would choke DC with traffic. How many is he creating?via Twitter – 6:42pm – Comment
Mitch Obama should have linked the tax cut to the tax increase for the top one percent — make the balance the budget point.via Twitter – 6:40pm – Comment
Mitch McCain’s tax credits sound like “go out and shop!”.via Twitter – 6:38pm – Comment
Mitch Unfortunately for McCain, he’s Hoover according to the CNN sentiment scorers.via Twitter – 6:36pm – Comment
Mitch Obama’s tone being commented on by Twitterers — I think it is working. Confident sounding, but talking bluntly. The burden scalpel line +1.via Twitter – 6:35pm – Comment
Mitch “so that military families aren’t the only one sacficing” was dead on. that really said that people want to hear. America is great together.via Twitter – 6:34pm – Comment
Mitch Obama’s 9/11 reflection took the right tack, he talked about sacrifice as a collective good, rather than as an individual burdern.via Twitter – 6:32pm – Comment
Mitch McCain needs to name the programs he’d eliminate, instead of talking in generalities. Freezing spending doesn’t mean anything to people.via Twitter – 6:29pm – Comment
Mitch “Our goal should be …. free of oild dependence” made sense of spending some money. $15billion not enough.via Twitter – 6:28pm – Comment
Mitch McCain’s “mission” to “aide reaching terrorists” and then to domestic issue was dizzying and a non-answer.via Twitter – 6:26pm – Comment
Mitch he realy started to reach in that question, then resorted to the energy points.via Twitter – 6:23pm – Comment
Mitch Obama’s corrective but compassionate “here’s what I am going to do” really worked. He’s right to say govt spends to help people, just hasn’t.via Twitter – 6:21pm – Comment
Mitch Obama should have said “confident, but be ready for much worse” — McCain’s counter worse, we don’t have control of a dial to fix things.via Twitter – 6:18pm – Comment
Mitch Obama’s “bragged about the fact he was a ‘deregulator'” worked the way McCain’s cronies line was intended, and he got cronies/lobbyist point.via Twitter – 6:16pm – Comment
Mitch Fannie and Freddie were under-regulated, but they had positive goals for average Americans instead of just for the bankers on Wall Street.via Twitter – 6:14pm – Comment
Mitch “Senator Obama and his cronies” was a bad choice of words. Rang mean and hollow at the saem time.via Twitter – 6:13pm – Comment
Mitch Obama’s rules for the next Treasury Secretary scores, but he didn’t have a counterpunch. How would McCain lower deficit and rescue everyone?via Twitter – 6:12pm – Comment
Mitch McCain’s refinancing home mortgages idea — contradicts his early stands, but a real alternative.via Twitter – 6:09pm – Comment]]>