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Why Game 3 of the ALDS 2001 tells the future

<![CDATA[I'm watching Game Three of the 2001 ALDS between the A's and the Yankees, which tells a lot about how teams win the World Championship (Hooray for the MBL Games on iTunes). The A's are a superior team in retrospect. So many enduring (not necessarily great) players are on the Athletics squad, including Johnny Damon, Miguel Tejada, Eric Chavez (I feel for his back injuries) and Jason Giambi, the future Yankee, as well as Barry Zito, the notoriously overpaid Giant. My Mariners got beat this same night to lead to the showdown with the Indians, after winning 116 games (oh, what a season to see!).
This is the game that made Derek Jeter a Yankee Great — the flip to home plate to get a key out Jason Giambi at home (see this incredible, ever-thrilling clip). This is the game that set the stage for the Yankees v. Indians, which led to the classic Arizona World Series.
Oh, I love this game.]]>

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