Lobal Economics

I was riffing on some neologisms last night in Facebook comments…. But here, I can add a picture of a Riemann space to help clarify my point about the way personal and global networks become optimized in non-linear ways to produce substantial influence within the global economy.

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RiemannSpaceDon’t get your orthogodoxy in my face, orthogodoxical man. Once you start thinking lobally, you’ll be beyond the local and, even, the hyper-local to the lobal personal influence networks that build trans-national+multi-local-node markets and movements (these can be visualized as a collection of Riemann spaces, crumpled up balls of relationships that tie the world together in fundamentally local ways that defy the orthogodox thinker, who lives in a three-dimensional conceptual space inadequate to understanding the spidery links that make a lobal world), such as the diamond industry, the various “silicon” places connected to one another on the telecom grid like Columbian-era ports are a map of the major and minor sea routes, or the dawning realization of the political importance of global warming to personal identity that is going on now. The word “lobal” also conjures the way the brain develops in mammals, which is a lyrical and biological image at one time.

The next step is to think of some of these crumpled networks as partially tangled, crumpled together, if you will. The global economy grows these new lobes of influence, and they may be inter-related.


Author: Mitch Ratcliffe

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