Horse and office

Another photoblog day….

My office is always messy. I learned office maintenance from Henry Norr at MacWEEK, who was prodigiously cluttered, relying on his spatial sense of information to keep track of things (which explains why he is a Mac person, too). Anyway, these days I have help adding tot he clutter. Here is my office from the doorway. You can see my daughter’s horse has joined me.

I should probably explain that Barry Soicher’s picture is part of a screen saver on the Mac in the back of the picture. I use screen savers that display the faces of people I work with, but seldom see, to keep my attention on them even though we work seven hundred miles from one another. Barry is my partner in InnovationWORLD. It’s not that I have a sick fixation on Barry–at least, that’s the story I’m sticking with.