Donald Trump made me give up meat


I don’t about you, but the visage of Donald Trump doesn’t make me hungry. His leering visage bent over a tray of meat, pointing, makes me kind of queasy. I assume the steaks come from cows with a comb-over.

The question is, Is this what happens when you’re fired or if you win The Apprentice? And I’m not talking about The Donald serving you a meal on a platter…. See dis? They’re fired!

Ramin suggests in IM: "Sharper Image’s biggest seller is the ‘ionic breeze’ air purifier. Someone should do a side-by-side test: their air purifier against the smoke from a couple pounds of Trump Steaks."

The Strangeness of Living in Tacoma, Part 6,578,445

Okay, technically, Spanaway, where this dogfucker lives, is not Tacoma. It’s just a suburb next the suburb I live in…. – News – Man Accused Of Engaging In Sex Act With Family Dog:

Investigators said 26-year-old, Michael Patrick McPhail may be the first person to face prosecution in Washington State under a new law protecting animals from sexual abuse.

According to charging documents, McPhail’s wife told Pierce County sheriff’s investigators she saw him engage in a sex act with the family pet.

Get this, the proof is that his wife took pictures with her cell phone. Man, that’s going to be a busy MySpace page.

Also, check out the news photo on the KIRO page. The guy’s wearing a bullet-proof vest, as though ASPCA or PETA activists were threatening to kill him.

Ah, home, it makes me so proud.

At least I don’t live in the Metronatural city to the north.

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Imperium Bushium

Bush to Restate Terror Strategy:

President Bush issued a new national security strategy today reaffirming his doctrine of preemptive war against terrorists and hostile states with chemical, biological or nuclear weapons, despite the troubled U.S. experience in Iraq.

The long-overdue document, an articulation of U.S. strategic priorities that is required by law, lays out a robust view of America’s power and an assertive view of its responsibility to bring change around the world. On topics including genocide, human trafficking and AIDS, the strategy describes itself as “idealistic about goals and realistic about means.”

The Bush Administration has shown repeatedly that it will rush headlong into events that it fails abjectly to prepare for, seeing only their imagined success rather than the reality of a situation. It’s statement about being realistic about means is PR, not policy.

With Iran singled out in the document (click here to get the PDF) as a threat and no significant forces available to widen the war in the Middle East, this is essentially a statement that the U.S. will consider using nuclear weapons against the country preemptively if Bush feels he has no other choice—and we know how often he can get so single-minded. We’re headed toward becoming the first country to use nukes offensively and, with Bush spreading nuclear technology in exchange for support in his mindless wars, this opens the door to many countries turning to nuclear weapons as a diplomatic and offensive weapon.

Very, very bad times. Getting worse.

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Is this a great country, or what?


Supreme Court to Hear Ex – Playmate’s Case – New York Times:

Dressed in all black, former stripper turned weight-loss promoter Anna Nicole Smith fought her way through a throng of photographers and autograph-seekers Tuesday on her way to a Supreme Court showdown in her bid to inherit her late husband’s fortune.

A stripper gets her day in court over a complex probate issue that will challenge the Supreme Court’s intellectual limits, straining it if you will. A dead grizzled old tax “protester” worth $1.6 billion. A son seeking to deny his voluptuous, then fat, now the next Suzanne Sommers step-mother her claim to $800 million for some pretty gross personal work. You don’t get this kind of stuff in Canada.

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Is Bush responsible for anything he does?

Bush Unaware of Ports Deal Before Approval – Yahoo! News:

President Bush was unaware of the pending sale of shipping operations at six major U.S. seaports to a state-owned business in the United Arab Emirates until the deal already had been approved by his administration, the White House said Wednesday.

In principle, I don’t have a problem with the ports deal if it was concluded legally. If we exclude companies because of their nationality, we’re getting to the kind of nationalist/racial fearfulness that this country has stood against internationally.

However, that the administration will turn around the day after President Bush defended the deal and say “he didn’t know about the deal,” compels me to point out that the President is where the buck stops and this is another example of the Bushies trying to have things both ways. If President Bush is going to make a politically unpopular deal—and defend it—he should also be taking responsibility for it.

I know, this is a country where, when the Vice President shoots someone in the fact and chest, that person apologizes to the Vice President.

Just when is this administration going to take responsibility for its actions? Hell, they won’t even stand up for their principles without hedging.

If, as reported elsewhere, the Saudi ports deal was concluded without the mandatory 45-day investigation of the companies involved, then the deal is illegal. I don’t suppose the President will be responsible for that, either.

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NBC editor on the tech take

MacNN | Apple pays tech guru $15,000 to talk about iPod:

Apple and other companies paid NBC Today show tech editor Corey Greenberg up to $15,000 to talk about their products on news shows, according to The Washington Post. Greenberg talked up Apple’s iPod last July, calling it “a great portable musical player… the coolest-looking one;” however, while NBC officials denied any knowledge of the financial relationship, Greenberg confirmed that he accepted payments from Apple, Sony, Hewlett-Packard, Seiko Epson, Creative Technology and Energizer Holdings.

Enough said.

Tom Delay’s suspicious tiny mind

DeLay Damns the Internet; What Was He Thinking? | Personal Democracy Forum:

“We’ve got Justice Kennedy writing decisions based upon international law, not the Constitution of the United States? That’s just outrageous. And not only that, but he said in session that he does his own research on the Internet? That is just incredibly outrageous.”

I am puzzled by this comment. What does DeLay think is so bad about someone doing online research? Or, to put the question more cynically, what does DeLay think he has to gain by saying as much?

It’s probably the fact that the Internet isn’t being dumbed down and made safe for fundamentalism, like broadcast TV and radio, that bothers Delay….