Why "marriage" makes a difference

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“It is the people who get married who define the meaning of marriage” is a great line. It is a good rebuttal to those who want to believe that gay marriages represent a moral crisis threatening traditional marriages; actually they represent a moral awakening against the acceptance of casually available sex without love or commitment.

I found your blog through an article in The Nation about the Digital Democracy Forum and thought I would check it out, being a very interested blogger myself. I like your style and your obervations. Personally, I have been debating the importance of the civil rights issues of gay marriage, it is this generations battle for equality, so I appreciate fellow believers in true freedom. Thank you.

Thanks, Mitch, for one of the clearest statements about the meaning of marriage that I have yet read.
The “only between a man and a woman” keeps us all in the Dark Ages and mired in Creation-ism.