The Great Enlikenment

2 replies on “The Great Enlikenment”

“It promotes simple-minded political differences at the expense of pluralities of opinion that color the debate over public policy.”
Ah yes, complexity, the life of the mind, nuance–we’re ‘thinking people’–by which we mean to say that the sausages coming out of our factories are more tasty. High minded to be sure, but ultimately blather to say that the work product of difficult to decipher politicians is better than someone not given to that impluse. Do you mean to say Bush’s policies processed through Kerry’s mind would cheer you up?

No, just that it is good to be high-minded enough to value the differences that make life interesting and worth living. A pasty grey and comfortable liberal world where every nuance of belief is supposed to be worth a separate academic department isn’t much fun, either.
Basically, I’m not looking for anyone to cheer me up, just for a good argument.