I thought it was simple: Qwest sucks

<![CDATA[Yahoo! News – Qwest’s dilemma:]]>

<![CDATA[Yahoo! News – Qwest’s dilemma:]]>

2 replies on “I thought it was simple: Qwest sucks”

I have a phone service, It was grand!
For the service I applaud and stand,
Then I recieve a unjust bill for a grand.
Qwest Sucks, you called it, your the man…

you are right, qwest is the worst, never been out right lied to my a copany before. all they do is cheat you on your bill and lie to you on the phone. they also do not know how to get a address right either. after talking to them for 3 hrs. over the past week, they could still not get the address right to send me a new phone. what a bunch of theiving liers. quest sucks big time, can’t wait till my contract is up. they can go jump off a cliff.

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