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Another "Mission Accomplished"

<![CDATA[The President's gall is matched only by his self-delusion. We are now facing 10 to 16 months before we get back to troop levels of earlier this year. Yet he declares another success and claims to be drawing down troop levels as a dividend. Apparently he believes his own sleight-of-hand, but Americans, the world and history recognize how deeply failed is this man and his presidency.
Text of the President’s Address – New York Times
A good analysis of the misrepresentations in the President’s speech from the Washington Post.]]>

Media Comment & Crimes

Quoted in the New York Times

<![CDATA[Even in a Virtual World, ‘Stuff’ Matters – New York Times:

Mitch Ratcliffe, an entrepreneur and blogger, was an early resident of Second Life and built a house with a lake. But he was soon disillusioned with the upkeep involved with owning the property. “I don’t see why I would want my second life to be about the same striving and profit that my first is,” Mr. Ratcliffe wrote in a blog entry about his Second Life adventures. He eventually reincarnated himself as Homeless Hermes.

“People come by, see the user name and tell me how sorry they are that I don’t have a home. Why?” he wrote. “It’s very middle class, very staid in the way economic stigma is attached to a failure to get to work.” In the meantime, Homeless Hermes took up buying and selling virtual land and has pocketed the equivalent of $800.

Drawn from this ZD Net posting of last year.]]>