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The Google Auto Linker

<![CDATA[The Google Auto Linker:
Interesting tool that could be used to extract intrinsic social tags from text, if you ask me. I know you didn’t, but that’s my two cents….]]>

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If there is a God, housecleaning seems to consist of sweeping baryons under the rugs

<![CDATA[Wired News: Scientists Find Missing Matter]]>

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Making my previous point

<![CDATA[Wired News: Folksonomies Tap People Power:
The job of tags isn’t to organize all the world’s information into tidy categories,” said Stewart Butterfield, one of Flickr’s co-founders. “It’s to add value to the giant piles of data that are already out there.”
These days, a growing number of sites whose content is user-created rely on tagging systems, also known as folksonomies, for the added value Butterfield is talking about. Flickr and the social-bookmarking site Delicious, along with Furl, are generally considered folksonomy trailblazers, but now sites like MetaFilter and the blog index Technorati have jumped on board, and more are expected to follow.
“It’s very much people tagging information so that they can come back to it themselves or so that others with the same vocabulary can find it,” said Thomas Vander Wal, the information architect credited with coining the term “folksonomy.”
Chaos produces more order than order does….]]>

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