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Not your average family values flack

<![CDATA[Daily Kos :: Political Analysis and other daily rants on the state of the nation.:

Okay, so it seems pretty clear that Gannon was a prostitute.

Why does that matter? I’ll leave it to Digby to explain:

The kink factor in this situation is just mind-boggling. Here’s the thing: This shows the Bushies will latch on to anyone who agrees to their dream world vision of the world, and forget the vetting.]]>

Impolitic Sheer Idiocy

A right-wing hit squad walks into a bar…

<![CDATA[As I suspected, self-congratulating Sterno-drinking man-on-pig enthusiasts taking time out from their fantasy lives to intrude on the real world were responsible for the hit squad attack on this site. They said conservatives don’t take out after people like lynch mobs, but that’s just what they were, which is pretty much par for the course these days; say one thing, do the opposite, blame everyone to the left for your lies and smear them with your own filth while you’re at it. Note in the chat transcript below that they talk about “going out in wolfpacks” to attack “libs” with whom they disagree, just for fun.
It’s like Deliverance has come to American politics and anyone with a brain is on the river, just good targets for the slack-jawed pigfuckers in the hills. These inbred neocon dolts swill their self-consumed banter like it was droll wit and hope to find another Ned Beatty to bugger. Yep, that’s ‘Merica in the age of Bush, a veritable throw-back to the good ol’ days, when ignorance was its own reward.
The following is just part of the transcript of their moronic chat that went on for several hours, demonstrating that their goal is not dialogue, but destruction. Problem is, they don’t know how to answer any of my points, they just have their specialized approach to saying nothing intelligent and slapping one another on the back for their dirt-chewing quips (Shucks, it’s funny when we poke ‘im….).
As I say, these people are mindless troglodytes, the shards of an American conservatism that once valued liberty but today tries to cut it down wherever free thought challenges the Party Line, John Wayne cowboy-militarism and the End-Times Christian Way o’ Life. These people need to be dispatched to their own little world, because their egos are pushing the rest of us out of this one. I’d love to see a real conservatism return to our shores, one that valued other Americans as highly as it did its own supporters. I’d welcome those conservatives, ferchrissake.

Impolitic Sheer Idiocy

DefenseLINK News: Coalition Secures Afghan Weapons Caches, Renders Aid

<![CDATA[DefenseLINK News: Coalition Secures Afghan Weapons Caches, Renders Aid:

He said the caches included 41 mortar rounds, 144 recoilless rifle rounds, and eight rocket-propelled grenade rounds in Uruzgan province, as well as 56 mortar rounds, 82 tank rounds and 100 RPG rounds found in Helmand province.

The lede is : “WASHINGTON, Feb. 12, 2005 – In the last 13 days, coalition forces have discovered 33 weapons caches throughout Afghanistan, said Maj. Steve Wollman, Combined Forces Command Afghanistan spokesman, today.” But when you find out he was talking about less than 500 rounds of various types of ammunition, you see the same phenomenon as the specious “body counts” of the Vietnam era. It’s all propaganda all the time with the Rumsfeldian Department of Defense.]]>

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Jarvis summarizes

<![CDATA[BuzzMachine… by Jeff Jarvis:

I know some folks will squeal about this but I’m in favor of electronic ID cards.

I’m not squealing, Jeff. I’m warning you that the notion of national identity systems is a prelude to a form of control that you, as a person who constantly expresses skepticism about the concentration of power, should be against. Before tossing off your critics with accusations that they “squeal,” why not explain why you’re in favor of this kind of system and, perhaps, provide a few working examples in history of national identity systems that weren’t abused.]]>

Impolitic Sheer Idiocy

In this America, you play along to get along

<![CDATA[U.S. Scientists Say They Are Told to Alter Findings :

More than 200 scientists employed by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service say they have been directed to alter official findings to lessen protections for plants and animals, a survey released Wednesday says.

It’s not just columnists and White House “reporters” that the Bushies want on their train. Everyone had better get in line, or else they aren’t getting anymore funding. Science is politics; everything is politics in Bush’s America.]]>

Impolitic Sheer Idiocy

Way to respect Islam, dude!

<![CDATA[BBC NEWS | World | Americas | ‘Religious abuse’ at Guantanamo:

Terror suspects held at the US military base in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, are being subjected to routine religious humiliation, some detainees claim.

They say interrogators use techniques – including sexual taunts – designed to break down devout Muslims.

Okay, look, when you attack a person’s faith in any context, you make enemies of their coreligionists.]]>

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Not only not a reporter, but not who he claimed to be….

<![CDATA[Plastic: Fake Reporter With Fake Name Outed:

…so the readers of Daily Kos started digging into Gannon’s background. Make that “Gannon’s” background — his real name appears to be James Dale Guckert, owner of such Web domain names as and

And, think about this, this was President Bush’s go-to guy for questions during press conferences. He obviously knew about the fake identity and the ties to conservative groups. No wonder Mr. Bush refers to press questions as “spin sessions.”]]>

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Training the kids to march straight

<![CDATA[Smart Mobs: RFID badges coming to a school near you:

Brittan Elementary School, the only grade school in a California rural town, is requiring students to wear FRID badges that can track their every move. Teenagers must wear those identification cards around their necks with their picture, name and grade and a wireless transmitter that beams their ID number to a teacher’s handheld computer when s/he passes under an antenna above classroom doors.

This kind of unexamined use of tracking technology is another step toward mindless acceptance totalitarianism. Walk inside the lines. Keep your hands in the windows. March over there. Kill the people of different religions…. Oh, you didn’t carry out your duty. Did we tell you the RFID comes with new, improved electro-shock discipline plug-ins?]]>

Impolitic Sheer Idiocy

If you're not in the top 10 percent, you're screwed again….Yahoo! News – Bush Seeks Sweeping Cuts to Curb Deficit

<![CDATA[Yahoo! News – Bush Seeks Sweeping Cuts to Curb Deficit:

The budget leaves out some big items, such as the future costs of military operations in Iraq and Afghanistan and massive borrowing required by Bush’s plan to add private retirement accounts to Social Security.

Slashing domestic programs to prove he’s “serious” about fiscal discipline, the thief in chief doesn’t account for any of the things that blew up the deficits to record levels when offering his budget. President Bush is bankrupting the country while undercutting the majority of Americans’ ability to start climbing the economic ladder.]]>

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It was everyone else's mantra a decade ago

<![CDATA[Gates’ new mantra: interoperability | CNET
Bill finally catches up with the times.]]>