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Mitch' 2008 Presidential Election Outcome Prediction

Don’t get too comfortable, Democrats, but this is where I think the election will come out after all the actual voting. Enough of polls.]]>

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Palin meets Couric, again, with maverick back-up

<![CDATA[I'm astonished that Senator McCain has to sit by his vice presidential candidate to defend her statements, blaming the press for Governor Palin's clearly stated position about Pakistan, a contradiction to what McCain said in the debate Friday. McCain calls a question by a voter a "gotcha journalism" tactic.
Palin's position, that cross-border strikes are necessary, is exactly what McCain condemned as naive and dangerous. Either she’s naive and dangerous or McCain’s characterization of Senator Obama is mere posturing.
We get to decide. Do you want these people running the country?]]>

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