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Where is conservative "country first?"

<![CDATA[The American Spectator derides conservatives who met with President-elect Barack Obama in a headline and short posting yesterday: Obama Meets With Ex-Conservatives.

Talking to Obama apparently confirms the failure of these commentators, including George Will and William Kristol, in their conservative orthodoxy. In other words, they are “talking to the enemy.”

Whether The American Spectator likes it or not, Obama won the election. Rather than proclaiming, as one Vice President Dick Cheney did, that winning an election gives the party in power the right to collect “our due,” Obama is talking to everyone.

That’s what democracy is, leading rather than commanding.

But our co-countrymen on the right seem to think that, if they do it, refusing to talk to or cooperate with the President, is not disloyal or traitorous. Country after party is their motto. Unlike them, I will not ask them to leave the country that they clearly love less than the power that country occasionally grants them.

In related news, the Republican Senators who now claim they won’t give a “blank check” to the incoming president, the same blank check handed to their man when he was in office, are playing politics with TARP money. All the problems with Washington politics conservatives decry when become standard operating procedure when they are out of power.]]>